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Marko Lampas

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Alberta Masiello-Metropolitan Opera coach: prepared singers and conductors :Franco Corelli, Rene Fleming, MARKO LAMPAS/LAMAS, Paul Plishka, Marilyn Horne

Yes, he is definitely the tenor who worked with Callas at Juilliard. You can tell by the timbre of his voice. He certainly advanced in the twenty intervening years..

It is interesting and wonderful to hear this aria sung by a dramatic voice. Beautiful, thank you for sharing.
(Ashley Roper)

Like a boss... bravo Marko!

Two of my favorite singing beings...Bravi! 

Two magnificent voices. Thank you.

11/24/11 T'Asteri tou Boria"        
Πολύ όμορφο !

11/13/11 Siciliana “CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA” Marko Lampas

10/04/11- Ciel! mio padre! “AIDA”, Barbara Iona Miller, Miguel Andoor
FANTASTICMiguel is my hero

9/24/11 All'infelice veglio "I DUE FOSCARI"
Lampas' use of rubato is sometimes very "19th century" but always absolutely compelling and never merely mannered.
I particularly like how Lampas keeps a little the high notes (keywords): innocente__ , perdo__no, fi__gli, dolo__ re...
I CANNOT RESIST those looooong fermatas, perfectly idiomatic in this belcanto music, and he does have a great voice, no doubt about it.

9/13/11 Silver Aria- BALLAD OF BABY DOE
There's plenty now! i'm studying this in my lessons, the words and text painting are wonderful!(cleanmyroomforme)

 8/8/11 Or son sei mesi- Fanciulla del West

8/1/11 "O Marmaromenos Bassilias"
apla teleio (wendyelleni)

7/24/11 "Che gelida manina"
Simply wonderful. Bravo! (movras)

 6/3/11 "Celeste Aida"
What a voice. Incredible (signorissimo)

5/30/11 "T'Asteri tou Boria"
Very, Very, Nice (Afro Poli)

4/18/11 "Fenesta che lucive"
υπέροχος !(elizabethbennettgirl)

4/5/11 Tu al cui sguardo onnipossente-"I Due Foscari"

1/28/11 Nessun Dorma
 Παρα πολυ καλος Μπραβο!!    (kenshin22able)

1/13/11 Ora stammi a sentir  "TOSCA" Lampas & Hallie Neill
This couple is captivating on stage! Debra Gilly

9/9/10 Sola, perduta, abbandonata "Manon Lescaut"
 Intéressante! Brava! AV         (razoburdina)

Recondita Armonia
“Superb !”

2 Theodorakis Songs
“I love this artist ,thank you for uploading video, a classic song
sung in a classical way.

O Marmaromenos Bassilias
“Μακράν η καλύτερη ερμηνεία τοτραγουδιού” (By Far the best interpretation of this song)

T'Asteri tou Boria
“Τέτοιοι Έλληνες πρέπει να προβάλλονται κι όχι τα άλλα τα σκουπίδια. Εξαιρετικός”

Chanson de l’adieu
“me gusta mucho me relaja”

Torna ai felici di LE VILLI
“it is a very good practice session.”

Nessun Dorma
“I took one lesson from Mr. Lampas during a trip to New York. His technique was very different from mine, more aggressive, but his charisma won me over and I definitely took a lot of his advice on interpretation. Great experience! Oh, and his wife Barbara is the loveliest lady I`ve ever known!”

“Very nice voice! too bad your German sounds a bit 'foreign' (difference between ich and ach sound, sound of öh...) but still better than so many non-german singers.”

Two Greek Songs by Hadjidakis
“Telio!” Soilets7

Nothung! Nothung! SIEGRFIED
“Sounds BIG voice to me.The A notes are not made thinner like some of "the old guys do.”

Dearest Mama
“Gorgeous color to the voice. Beautiful performance! “

L' alba separa dall luce l'ombra
“Bravo Maestro, what a beautiful voice.”

Questa o quella
“Why Marko did not have a huge career is a mystery to me. Big Fan still here and still listening and of course learning. Still.”

T' Asteri Tou Boria
“By far, Greece' s greatest tenor in a masterly interpretation of the famous Northern Star, Thanks for uploading!”

O Marmaromenos Bassilias, by Kaldhara
Ta Trena Pou Figan, by Xarhakos
“Efcharisto poli file, para poli oreo!”

O Dieu! De quelle ivresse
“This is just great. It's a treacherous aria ably executed with the passion. Bravo!”

“bella voce!”

Compar Alfio
“Gracias por colgar esto, me encantó.”

“Greetings! In summation, I don't have an active YOU TUBE account. to rate what I listened & viewed previously! However, the following selections were truly a treat: Dearest Mama, Two Theodorakis Songs, "T'Asteri tou Boria", and Silver Aria! Speaking in a universal language, the emotional energy., which both of you portray, bewitchingly fires a passion that pierces the heart and touches my soul! Phenomenally gifted! What a pleasure!”

Il Tabarro- O Luigi, Luigi
“Marko Lampas - very good quality sound, very pleasant on the ear. Very passionate and expressive. I enjoyed the performance.”

Senza mammá- SUOR ANGELICA
“Beautiful, heart-rending rendition of this aria. Bravo!”

A La Luz de La Luna (duet) by A. Fassio“A beautiful duet! Bravo!” “It is beautiful, wonderful performance. Bravo!”

Io la vidi e il suo sorriso “C´est magnifique”

Che gelida manina
Not only great arias, but great tenor.”
“I agree. He is also a great human being and a great voice teacher.”
“My God, are you the one who was participating in the Maria Callas' masterclass in Julliard? Mr. Marko Lampas?”

Tanto amore segreto" & "Tu che di gel sei cinta
Wow, what a great soprano!!!.”

Work them lady, Brava diva...... Bravi”

Oh patria mia
“very good soprano? what´s her name?? a little cold, and the phrases are not exactly as I like them, but she´s very good, brava.”Brava!... Brava!”

Nessun Dorma
“A wonderful performance very enjoyable!”
Beautifully sung.... Bravo!

E lucevan le stele
oraia pali,se agapo Markos, ti thavmasio phoni “
“Lovely! Wonderful. I like it.”

I Hate Men-Kiss Me Kate
Perfectly executed and very convincing. Brava!”

Sto Periyialy (At The Seashore) by Theodorakis T'Asteri Tou Voria (The North Star)
Mylise mou (Speak to me) by Hadjidakis

CLASSIC! Efaristo pou to evales na to thoume!”
GGG 59
1 year ago “oraio “

Sola, perduta, abbandonata-Manon Lescaut
“splendide expressivité et beau jeu d'actrice. De petits problèmes de justesse (enregistrement ?). Merci pour cette vidéo.”

Merce, diletti amici-Ernani
“Prima lirico spinto, goede stem voor deze rol.”

L'ile Inconnue by Berlioz
Aside from a technical recording problem - it sounds beautiful and the pics. are also beautiful. Thanks for uploading.”

THE WILLOW SONG-Ballad of Baby Doe
A very beautiful and heartfelt rendition of the aria by Ms. Miller-Lampas. A lovely Baby Doe”

Ah si, ben mio coll' essere Il Trovatore
“U remind me so much of Lando Bartolini:) I'm curious, where did U study? U sound like a Melocchi student. Bravo Marko!!!”

Parigi, o cara noi lasceremo" LA TRAVIATA
“Bravo Marco!”

Libiamo ne'lieti calici & Un di felice-La Traviata
“He is my idol. He is the best!”

Quando le sere al placido-“Luisa Miller

E lucevan le stelle –TOSCA
“I like hear how you sing. Pozdrawiam Cię Lidia.”